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About Us

For sustaining in the growing and competitive market place, we, Graphene Media Pvt. Ltd. have taken a step forward to render the best, one of its kind, business solution. We proudly introduce our brainchild Million Minds, that restraints strategic and changing market situations to make complex decisions. Million minds have built this unique product in an effort to fulfill your desires in difficult market situations, where you can turn your goals into reality.

What we seek

Pursuing the right way in building career is the toughest part of life. Note that a focused vision with hard-work and keenness leads us to achieve any goal. Thus you must keep strong belief and faith to grow effectively.

Your valuable thoughts and our vision can combine together to form a strong bonding and make a clear pathway to accomplishment that what your vision has designed. If you believe in yourself then you are at the right place. Million minds is always ready to take up the challenges in building career for determined people like you.

We believe that every individual has entrepreneurship skills. It’s just that they need the right push to show how brilliant their ideas are and how distinct their thoughts can become from rest of the world. So we spot the talents, guide them and help them achieve their targets.

What students get

Create your own ideas/projects and live your dream by posting here in Million Minds that opens door of opportunities to explore new people and the market trends. All you need to do is to build your own profile and share it so others get to know that you exist and you have something of their interest. Your ideas will be scrutinized and if found unique, you will be picked up from the crowd. And finally, you get paid for all the unique ideas you put forth!

What Investor's look for

There are many Investors who keep hunting for fresh talent on whom they can trust and invest. Their sole ambition is to fund and guide the start-ups to develop faster. They are in continuous search of true performers who need support to step up, hard worker, ambitious and ready to take up any level of challenges. Eventually, they accelerate the business/ideas/projects by sharing expertise, dealing with uncertainties, sharing business solutions and creating a solid platform together that frame success stories.